Egger's Ungrateful Mammals


fake: M. Novotny

2017, Silk, Linen, Leather, 3D fabric paint, wood dowel, and thumb tack; 2" x 14.5" mailing tube with plastic end caps

  • Brooklyn : May 2018

  • Berlin : April 2018

  • Paris : March 2018

  • Antwerp : March 2018

  • Paris : March 2018

  • Sydney : Feb 2018

Adapted for a traveling family member so that wherever she roosts she has a reminder of home. She gave it away, to a guy in Sydney (Rick). Then, facing strong objection from the faker, she asked for it back, and mailed it back to the colony. Today, the scroll travels whenever colonists go abroad.


original: Dave Eggers

2017, Acrylic and Crayon on Wood (unconfirmed) 

Algonquin Mountains, 2012  Gnelson Gnome

Algonquin Mountains, 2012 Gnelson Gnome