Road Safety

"If humans had continued to evolve to the point where we could withstand car crashes, we might look something like Graham, according to the Transport Accident Commission in the Australian state of Victoria.

Graham – “the only person designed to survive on our roads” – is an interactive sculpture developed by a trauma surgeon, a crash investigation expert and a Melbourne artist as part of Towards Zero, a Victorian road safety campaign. ...

Melbourne sculptor Patricia Piccinini developed Graham with input from a Royal Melbourne hospital trauma surgeon, Christian Kenfield, and David Logan, a crash investigator at Monash University’s accident research centre. 

Piccinini is best known for the Skywhale – a 34m long, 23m high hot-air balloon with the head of a tortoise and pendulous mammaries that flew over Canberra for its centenary in 2013." -The Guardian


The Skywhale , also by Piccinini

The Skywhale, also by Piccinini